The Central Human of All History

This is one of the most encouraging observations I know of:

The Majesty of our Lord 

Someone has said that Jesus Christ came from the bosom of the Father to the bosom of a woman. He put on humanity that we might put on divinity.  He became Son of Man that we might become sons of God. He was born  contrary to the laws of nature, lived in poverty, was reared in  obscurity, and only once crossed the boundary of the land in which He was  born-and that in His childhood. He had no wealth or influence and had  neither training nor education in the world’s schools. His relatives were  inconspicuous and uninfluencial. In infancy He startled a king. In  boyhood He puzzled the learned doctors. In manhood He ruled the course of  nature. He walked upon the billows and hushed the sea to sleep. He healed  the multitudes without medicine and made no charge for His services. He  never wrote a book and yet all the libraries of the world could not hold  the books about Him. He never wrote a song, yet He has furnished the  theme for more songs than all songwriters together. He never founded a  college, yet all the schools together cannot boast of as many students as  He has. He never practiced medicine and yet He has healed more broken  hearts than all the doctors have healed broken bodies. This Jesus Christ  is the star of astronomy, the rock of geology, the lion and the lamb of  zoology, the harmonizer of all discords, and the healer of all diseases.  Throughout history great men have come and gone, yet He lives on. Herod  could not kill Him. Satan could not seduce Him. Death could not destroy  Him and the grave could not hold Him.

 Author Unknown.

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3 Responses to The Central Human of All History

  1. wlfoster says:

    Very inspiring passage. God is indeed Sovereign.


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