Perfection, Infinity and The Almighty


Does God’s creation have to be perfect for Him to remain perfect?  What is perfection? Is the equation, “one plus one equals two”, perfection? Has God shown us that, “one plus one plus one equals one”, in Himself?  What is the perfection that mankind seeks so earnestly to attain?  Will we be perfect in Heaven? The angels seem to be perfect in the presence of God, but there are fallen angels, which seems to suggest that angels were broken, as is mankind. Were angels and men fixed in the same war with the enemy, although in different battles or was it all the same one.  What is the relationship between perfection and infinity?  Neither seems to be within the grasp of the human mind.  Is perfection infinite or finite? What of infinity, is it imperfect having no end or is this a characteristic of perfection?  Is trial and error a perfect method, used infinitely?  The evolutionists say so, and that anything is possible over time, but is time infinite? The Bible is clear that time has an end point, but that eternity does not and will continue infinitely. Does God use trial and error?  Is it possible for God to err from our human perspective? It is not uncommon to find people who are mad at God for acting or not in a given situation as they think He should, and many justify His non-existence with the phrase, “How could a just (or loving, etc.) God …”.  We learn from the Bible that God’s will is perfect, yet His creatures are not, as of yet, is seems.  A blue sky is just about as much of a riddle as the human mind can grasp, even with our understanding that the refracted wave lengths of our suns light in the atmosphere causes it to appear blue, usually, which perhaps is a great mystery of the ages solved. However one defines these concepts or explains their interrelationships to the satisfaction of our rational mind, there remains a deeper, more reliable, source of enlightenment equally beyond the grasp of the rational mind called the Truth and He is a person.

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