What is in you?



We speak of the contents of our heart and mind, the repository of your thoughts emotions, dreams, aspirations, etc. and we live out our days adding to, recalling and reflecting upon these images and ideas. During the night our minds work through the unresolved recordings in an effort to understand, reconcile, rebut, deny, and/or affirm them through a dream process.  What a complex creature is the human being, what great attributes are at our disposal even in our senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, but these are shared with most other creatures on this earth.  Our appointment as the superintendent of this world and all creatures thereon included reasoning abilities and an inner spirit person, cloaked and contained in a body of flesh.  Inside dwells the power of the eternal and infinite, and that by design and purpose. We are self aware living inside our minds, in a sense, filled with imaginations, thoughts, reasonings and rationalizations, day dreams and idle thoughts.  This great power is a great gift and like the other attributes is at our disposal, seemingly, but we are actually very limited in the broader reality of the spiritual and physical universe.

Our imaginations create phantom realities for us and it is possible to become lost among the shadows of such fictions.  Yet, despite the philosophers, psychiatrists, and gurus, there remains the Truth, of which reality is a great part, but it is only a physical portion of the Truth, the part that can be confirmed by our senses or rational, but there is a greater and deeper Truth, which is understood and confirmed by faith.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Heb. 11:1.  Faith is powerful in unlocking the truth and laying hold of the things that are not of this physical world.  The relationship between the truth and faith find their complete explanation in the Person of God Almighty.

We are tripartite like our creator, but we are often so consumed with the physical senses and the mental interpretations and reasonings thereof that we seldom exercise the life of the Spirit within, in this portion of eternity that we measure with time, our time, here on earth.  The Spirit understands faith and truth and life and light are revealed when the presence of God calls to the spirit within each of us.  This is why little children understand and accept so readily the things of God, because they are more spiritual, less cerebral and less trained and practiced to live in the mental and physical world.  We are not self sufficient, even with stores of air, water and food we can not sustain the life that is within us, when God calls it back to himself, we belong to God and He sustains the life in us for His good purposes.  Marvel and dream, release faith and sense the spirit within; call out to the Spirit of God, acknowledge your frailty, utter dependence upon God for life, and your need of Him, then you will fulfill the word, “the just will live by faith”.  Or, wait until the circumstances of existence and the providence of a loving creator, bring you to that place of acknowledgement, irrespective of your will and choice, so that you fulfill the word, “it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.” Heb. 10:31-38

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