A life Journey

The thing is that God has mercy on his little ones. The Holy Spirit is able to direct His children with precision in the paths of the Lord. In University, my associates, (I can’t truly call them friends) could not understand my devotion to the Lord and were busy attempting to satisfy their own desires with drugs that bring a tingle of stupor but no peace, joy, delight, or satisfaction. I forgave them early on, though their ridicule hurt, and I knew all too well the captivity and futility they experienced. God’s lovingkindness is everlasting. There is no comparison to His favor and grace.

When we commit our way to Him, He directs our steps in a journey that is unprecedented and amazing. So, step out in faith and heed His voice that speaks from your innermost being. When we take one step toward Him, He takes two toward us. Somehow He directs and enables us to follow along the path in which He leads, but it is spiritual work upon the natural man. A bit of insight here, a spot of courage there, a good measure of lovingkindness and blessing is how the Good Shepherd faithfully leads His sheep.

David’s twenty third Psalm is a famous description of the Spiritual care the Lord gives to His children. The physical/natural care is from Him as well, but this is given to all, even the goats benefit from the sun, rain and vegetation the Lord gives the whole earth. The Lord is kind and rich in mercy, His abundant provision flows from his true nature of love for all His creation. The Believer should ask for spiritual sight to see the spiritual path, keeping in step with the Spirit, rather than pursuing the fallen physical nature’s lusts and appetites. What a magnificent journey we are on and it leads to life everlasting in the presence of the Father of light.

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