The Enemy Within

Many have predicted, that like ancient Rome, America would fall from within. Though I have had insight from time to time, as God enabled me, this is my perspective alone. It has troubled me often when I think of the masses who have exchanged the glory of God for the reasoning of Secularism. How can a great nation move forward with so many of its citizens blinded, chained, and disabled by the lies of men? We should not cut off our nose to spite our face, but we may have to lose a hand or foot, as Yeshua said, “Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come! If your hand or your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into eternal fire.” (Matthew 18: 7-8). What He presented was the reality of our fallen human nature, our brokenness as humans, and the significance of giving it no influence. Today, secularism appears to be on the rise, though it is a significant portion of the population, we can still move in step with God without them, in fact, to ignore them as if they no longer exist, may be the only way to avoid future destruction.

This is a nation founded upon Judeo-christian principles, and it is the basis of all our success and prosperity. All believers must unite in prayer that God will have mercy on us and our nation and send revival. Prayer is futile in the secular mind, but it shapes a return to God and His blessings. God invented tolerance, and a true Christian is for tolerance, while fascists are intolerant of all, but those who obey their demands. We shouldn’t approval or accept wickedness, but have tolerance for everyone’s thoughts, speech, private practices, ideas, and choices. One of the first things that an evil leader does is to pervert justice – letting the guilty go free and punishing the innocent. We see this in red vs blue state responses to the recent riots. In blue (fascist) states the vandals and looters are set free, while innocent policemen are falsely accused and charged guilty of past theoretical crime.

The lost should reap what they have sown and continue to support. It is futile to attempt to correct a fool; their only hope is for them to see the consequences of their own decisions. The blue state officials were elected by a majority in their states, they must bear their own consequences. Change in the blue states must come from the ballot box. The city of Detroit is a prime example of what Democrat leadership yields, bankruptcy, devastation, city blocks bulldozed, poverty, and mass exodus.

It is imperative to restore and maintain justice in the law and courts. People loose hope when justice is denied or delayed. Currently, the failed and exposed coup perpetrated by deep state officials in the FBI, DOJ, NSA and Obama administration must be promptly brought to trial. The FISA courts should be discontinued, since they offered no protection against their involvement in treason. There are some horrible decisions made by the Supreme court which, if not corrected by the court itself, must be done so by law or amendment or other means as to the holding that:
• Abortion is beyond restriction
• Sexual mental disorder is normal and acceptable
• Obamacare is an allowable tax
• Evolution is fact beyond rebuttal
• Demographic quotas define nondiscrimination among protected groups

Big government must be restrained as it is the greatest danger to liberty and most freedoms. A backlash to the current liberal, fascist, anarchist behavior could release oppressive right-wing tyranny, if a dictator where to come to power. For example, no law allowed the government overreach done in the Covid-19 response, this precedent must be called out and reversed, specifying that such measures are only lawful where marshal law is imposed. So that, if a dictator should arise, it would be clear to everyone and empower the people to overthrow such tyranny.

Antitrust laws must be applied to the internet oligopoly of public forums and providers. The electronic public square must be free and open, beyond unseen manipulation by undisclosed people or algorithms. Spying on citizens must stop totally and completely by the government or through private entities befriended by the government.

Our national borders must be secure and only citizens have rights to vote, and receive government allotments/pensions. Complete and verifiable information must be presented to vote. Elections must be protected from those who would cheat or tamper with the results, including government officials. This is imperative because it is the pathway of a despot or corrupt political party.

These are just some measures that would bolster national internal security against an enemy from within and there are many with plans to overthrow our nation at its foundations. Our hope is in God alone, who has blessed us so much and continues to offer refuge to all who call upon His name.

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