Broken Structures

Water follows the lowest course to form its path and looks always for a new lower path. This is a function of gravity and cohesion. A siphon will lift water over a higher barrier that flows then to a lower exit. Cohesion is a principle of water that causes each drop to adhere to the next one a so pull it along up over a higher level then down to a lower exit. Barometric pressure may also play a role by increasing or decreasing slightly the water level via pressure of gravity upon the pool.

In a similar way businesses look for more profits, through lower cost of goods and services or higher prices to their customers. For example, China became an inexpensive source for manufactured parts and products, therefore, businesses began moving their production to China. Another example involved Services for telephone support which were moved to India using internet telephone capabilities. China is now undercutting India’s market for customer help lines. How many customers are happy with these new foreign customer support services. How happy is the public with supply chains that are broken and breaking in many areas?

What governing authority was responsible for opening the US markets to world wide trade and at what cost and benefit? Most recently, illegal immigration from central America has highlighted the impact of construction and service industries that sought to secure lower employee costs from illegal immigrants. This is exploitation and because it was illegal, it was curtailed, but what has been the cost to our society?

Competition is the predominant safeguard to the consumers interest in keeping prices, availability, and supply reasonable. Government influence over expansion into foreign nations and action that stifles competition weakens and ultimately can destroy markets, supply and consumer safeguards. Currently, foreign hostile actors are seeking to destroy our government and subsequently the economy of America. These foreign interest are using internet/media platforms that have no competition and collude in a uniform purpose to achieve these goals. Some thought that free access to world-wide markets would be good for America, but they assumed fair and honest trade. The communists, for example, do not recognize fair nor honest dealings. They violate copyrights, patents, and trademarks and they manipulate their currency to their advantage.

Closing all foreign trade is not the answer, nor is totally open free trade and unfettered access to our markets. Years ago some of these issues were addressed through bilateral trade agreements. For example, Japanese auto makers were encouraged to make their vehicles in America with American labor and parts to offset profits that escape our economy and taxation. Similar rules apply to American auto makers exporting vehicles to Japan. It’s far from perfect, but a compromise is usually better than a trade war. The trouble in found in politics, where government officials intervene for political purposes and economic and financial factors are ignored to the detriment of the public and consumer. This is why China was granted most favored nation status, even though the American economy suffered extreme economic abuse for decades.

The most powerful tool of the American people is their right to vote. Now that there is no ethics in journalism and major media outlers it is extremely important to hold elected officials accountable. No human is perfect and we all make mistakes, but outright lies, deceit, and repeated actions against public interest must be addressed in the ballot box. Certain segments of the population are easily bought off by corrupt politicians. For example, the unions deliver votes in return for money from the Federal largesse and certain minority groups do the same. As disheartening as this can be, it is no reason to give up. Only about thirty percent of the eligible population votes, so if the disenchanted majority of voters would educate themselves about the evil that exists in the Democrat and Republican parties and vote for conservatives who respect American traditions and the will of the People, we could easily return to the Constitutional Republic that has made us a great nation of liberty. If they fail us, we will vote them out the next election.

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