Identity Politics

Identity politics is said to be a gathering together of groups based on race, gender, religion or other identifying characteristic to promote political positions. I do not think this is its source, but rather, the fallout of a wicked idea. Division is its purpose and evil politicians use division for evil purposes, the most common is to divide and conquer. During segregation, “Separate but Equal” was a wrong and failed system of law. Certain people were denied their right to vote and participate fully in the broader society. During the years just after the civil rights movement, Equal Employment Opportunity law was created along with Affirmative Action, as a means of establishing equal treatment under the law for specific protected classes of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, or disability. Affirmative Action gave a preference to people of minority races. As the courts sought to enforce these laws they began to consider percentages of these protected classes represented in the total population of an area and established quotas for such representation therein. For example, if the percentage of Blacks in the population of an area was seventeen percent, that percentage should be applied to test whether discrimination existed. If there were less than seventeen percent of black firemen in that area, the conclusion was that there had been discrimination by the fire department. Of course, this was not logically conclusive nor legislated by law, but it was established by the Courts, nonetheless. In order to apply this quota system, numbers, statistics, and identities had to be collected by every business, organization, institution and government agency. Consequently, identity politics was born and instituted as the measuring stick of social justice. While it’s a little more complicated, that is the gist and source of Americas division into groups. So what happened next?

I read part of a blog post on the subject that posed these two questions, “Should the emphasis be on finally addressing America’s long history of systemic racism, going from slavery to the criminal justice system? Or is the more pressing issue the massively corrupt, unequal economic and financial system that benefits the top 1 percent far more than the rest of the nation, regardless of race?” These premises are factually erroneous, “systematic racism” is a myth, the civil war was fought and slavery abolished in 1864. Also, there is no evidence that blacks who were convicted in the criminal justice system, were unjustly convicted any more than those of other races, the facts show otherwise. A “massively corrupt unequal economic and financial system” does not exist, we have free market capitalism in America. Moreover, we have inheritance taxes, antitrust laws, and other protections against multi-generational or unjust wealth creation. They may not be perfectly and uniformly applied, just as there are errors in the criminal justice system – these are human institutions which are patently imperfect, but suggesting that a system exists for the top 1 percent is only class envy and myth.

Wicked and/or stupid people propagate myths, lies, and false assumptions to further their evil and/or stupid purposes. Injustice exists in this world, always has and will, but its minimization is not achieved by socialism, more laws, division into more and more identity groups or revenge upon one group by another. The Golden rule says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matt. 7:12). Each person recognizing each person, not by their identity, quota, statistical analysis, but with love and forgiveness toward one another. We can’t love or forgive a group, we can only do it personally. We will not find unity among groups, but we can be united as Americans. We should reject and discard the division of identity politics. We should no longer be hyphenated Americans, but simply Americans and united as such. “United we stand, divided we fall,” was asserted by John Dickinson one of the founding fathers, but Jesus said, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” (Matthew 12:25)

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