There is a personal God, He has no name, because He transcends that concept. Yet, He became a Man, Yeshua Messiah and we can relate to Him fully as man and God. He is also Spirit, which is foreign to the physical reasoning mind, but is essential to my Spirit, the eternal part of me. I inhabit a spiritual dimension with Holy Spirit. I move like the wind in Him, I know things that are beyond earth and senses. I’m connected with God and all the congregation of believers through Yeshua and Spirit. My prayers reach to heaven and accomplish God’s will. All of God’s promises are mine as a citizen in Israel through Yeshua. He did this all before time began. I’m in contact with Him and He knows my name. There is a conversation we have as one friend to another. We can sit together in communion without words. He is my all and my life is hidden in him. His will and person is with me and moving in this earth for His glory. His name is my banner. I belong to Him. My future is in Him. He is greater than anyone, anything, and all things together. What I need and want is more of Him. He is my good. Through Holy Spirit so much is possible that I hardly scratch the surface of all that is possible in Him. He speaks to me and I hear His voice. He opens the horizon of faith. I am like Mary who sat at His feet, for I have chosen the best and it will not be taken from me. Nothing in heaven or earth can snatch me from His hand. I can please Him because I believe. He has put His Spirit in me with His word, upon which I dwell and about which He brings to mind. I am His servant, this is my assigned post where He enables me to be faithful. I will be alert to Him. I’m actively waiting and watching, alert to all He is doing. My whole family around the earth is in unison now worshiping Him in Spirit and truth. Our praises do not stop. Love pulses and flows out, rolls like waves washing upon the shore. Life is in me the power of an incorruptible life. Though I will breath my last breath here on earth, I will live forever in His presence. There is unity in the congregation of Believers, in love, faith, hope and the indwelling counsellor moving in and through every heart turned to Him. The life giving organization eternal holy and pleasing to God- the Bride of Messiah. The blood of the lamb, the name above all names, Yeshua, Messiah, is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the eternal word of God and Light of the world.

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