The Practice of Art

I have been an artist longer than anything. I was born an artist among a family of artists on my mother’s side. I don’t know if I have ever made a penny off my art, but making money is another topic altogether. Making money stifled my artistic flow, not because it occupied my time, but because I used my artistic abilities in my occupation. It seemingly had nothing to do with art, but it involved writing, interpreting, solving puzzles, designing, planning and creative approaches in each of these areas. I believe the creative flow in each person will find a way to flow out in an expression of itself.

I have felt my artistic reservoir fill to overflowing and I have seen when it was exhausted. Its like a yearning when is it full, pressure and weight triggering an urge to create. Fine art, nature’s beauty, and other sensory activities can also instigate this urge, but it can be ignored, quashed and/or satisfied, just as quick as it arises. Over time with perception and experience we can learn the patterns of artistic tides and let them wash over us in renewal or jump aboard and surf the wave as far as it takes us or until we fall off. I will not be dogmatic about this, but the more creativity my job required, (or I chose to contribute), the less I had in reserve for my private purposes. Moreover, I learned that sports was a creative activity that drained the artistic flow. That’s fine, I enjoyed all kinds of sport and it provided many opportunities to fellowship with friends and family.

You can’t always convert the artistic juice to a physical art form. If you are competitive in your sport or successful in your profession because you brought your art to bear upon it, then that was your trade or product. Life is complex, beyond our control in large measure, and certainly beyond our ability to face with reason and analysis alone. We each have a number of days or years with which to express ourselves and that expression is a measure of faith. The more faith we put into action the more broad deep and wide is the substance of life we deposit in this existence on earth. However, faith and art are both gifts that we received when we drew that first breath. If you do not believe in destiny, I can only leave you to your fate, but I will encourage you to tap into your faith and art. Faith comes by the word of God; art comes by the perception of God’s nature, character, and reality in Creation.

The older I get the more patience I have to do things that were out of my reach. We think and are told that youth is best, and while it is full of potential, it is realized in maturity. Art is like fruit that is firm and pleasing while it hangs upon the vine, but tastes best when it wringles, softens, gets spots and reaches its peak of flavor. Press in to your urge and flow, spend that juice on things that matter most and remember that your gift was made to give away.

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