This was the evil that civil rights laws sought to prohibit. Today, in our highly charged racial focused media circus, there is no mention of this word. Moreover, the focus was originally on the South, where the evil perpetraters of discrimination resided. This is an illustration of prejudice, as there were many people who may have held a level of prejudiced beliefs and a very few who were actual racists. The northern elites looked down on Southerners and demanded an immediate reversal of prior “Separate but equal” law. Years of prejudice, fed by sterotypes had infiltrated our culture, but this was not in the South alone. There can be no defense of true racists, such as the KKK, Skin heads, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists, and these groups were rejected and excommunicated from society. Their counterparts in the Black society, such as the Black Panthers, Black muslims and others were simply ignored and never condemned. A theory arose that suggested the victims of discrimination were immune to descrimination themselves. Of course, this is patently false. Children of alchoholics are highly prone to alchoholism. Victims of child abuse are prone to become abusers and children of angry parents may often exhibit anger toward their own children. Scripture recognizes this tendency of human nature, to become the very thing we most despise in others and it offers the only solution – forgiveness. The secular humanists reject all things biblical and proceeded to claim race relations as their area of speciality, among many others, and gained footholds in certain political jurisdictions. They offered up Affirmative Action as a solution, even though it was actually a form of discrimination itself. The humanist judges illegally imposed quotas on society that solved very little and created much more division.

After Separate but equal was abolished, race relations began to improve such that everyone was guaranteed the right to vote, transact businees, and otherwise commingle in society on an impartial basis, irrespective of race, national origin, color, religion, gender, age or disability, even though there were imperfections in its application. However, prejudice was a more difficult problem to address. Again the focus was on the South where busing was mandated, illegally, by the Supreme Court, penalizing uncooperative districts. I experienced busing as a result of being poor. One thing I learned was that the black kids I met at school were just like me. Another thing I observed, much later, was that the Northerners rejected discrimination at large, but practiced it on a personal individual level, while Southerners did the opposite and treated individuals with respect, yet objected to the imposition of group preferences. It isn’t really possible to show kindness to a group, but is quite normal person to person.

Today, the founders of civil rights like M. L. King, his family, and others have been rejected together with their Christian values of nonviolence, humility, forgiveness, focus on character, rather than ethnicity, and faith in the God of the Bible. In their place a racist, anti-white, violent, destructive, godless, selfish, arrogant, bigoted, hate and rage obsessed victim groups have pronounced a version of political correctness and racial preference, (together with their collaborating social humanists) as they seek to punish white people and police officers everywhere. This is prejudice, assuming and labeling entire groups of people as bad. It is simply unreasonable to support such bigotry as we see today in the media. All lives matter or none do, together we will prevail, divided we will fall. This is no longer about ethnicity, but reasonableness versus insanity and justice versus anarchy. Nevertheless, Believers have hope, “Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.” (Psalm 62:8) Lord have mercy and bring your people into greater unity.

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