What You Longed to Hear

There is a message that we are desperate to hear. It’s as though we are wandering in a wilderness looking for a pleasant place to live and rest, but all is dry, rocky, and inhospitable, then we come upon a river with trees and vibrant pastures. The past is forgotten, because that which we have sought, so urgently, is received. I can’t tell you what this message is about, because it is for you only. I might speak it to you, just as anyone could that was given the assignment, but this message is personal, such that in hearing, it will pierce through to your innermost being.

We are bombarded with messages and our minds are trained to ignore most of them; one level deeper we are more receptive to those around us and messages which impact our daily living. A next level deeper we feel an impact through the triggering of memory that associates the message with significance. I’m not sure how many other levels we may use as filters, and it may vary among people, but these filters at each deepening level create a barrier akin to deafness.

For most of us our innermost being is well protected from the forces of this world, but it is laid open and bare before our Creator God. We have little control over its contents, but tragedy, crisis, and pain can leave marks sometimes in extreme cases. However, just as the mightiest of safes have doors and locks, so also, entrance can be gained into this sacred place of our being. This is the message you long to hear, the message that unlocks your heart and brings in the fresh light of life-delight. This message goes through your ears, but finds its way to your heart. There is no rationalization, interpretation, conversion, amplification, or figuring out its meaning, even though you may have heard the words before, the truth hits like a ton of bricks. Emotion is triggered and wells up out of your innermost being confirming what you have search for, waited upon, and needed so desperately, without even knowing what it was. It is a marvel, mysterious and divine, a thing like so many that we cannot fully comprehend, as we trod through this modern world negotiating its constant adaptations and thinking we have everything under control. Who sent this message to you?

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