Rule of Law

A large number of Americans have little or no loyality to the traditions of America and/or they have fallen under the deception that these traditions are bad. Since the Cold war we never thought America would be defeated by a foreign invader, but rather, like the Roman empire it would decay from within. That is not the only similarity America has with the Roman Empire, who’s leaders toward the end were extremely vile, wicked, and corrupt. History has no comparison to the internet except the high-tech monopoly’s similarities with various propaganda organizations of the USSR, Communist China, and Nazi Germany as it censors opposing political speech and promotes a united “News Speak” or approved Memes among its subservient minion organizations.

The enemy of America is not different ideas or views, but lies, corruption, and a drastically diminished rule of law. A Russian media unit recently observed that America was more divided than ever. “Adversaries practically rejoiced at a U.S. electorate split in half by widespread divisiveness and defiant of pre-election expectations, which they heralded as a sign of the inherent flaws in the world’s oldest democracy and hypocrisy of its rule of law.” Our foes see clearly the failure and potential solution to our current status – Application of the rule of law.

Every American traditionally believed our judicial system, though imperfect, was usually applied in a blind fashion, whether to the rich and powerful or to the poor and weak. With the rise of Barack Obama the rule of law was suspended, as best exemplified by Chief Justice John Roberts bizarre opinion which modified the government’s own position on Obama-care to meet constitutional requirements. Thereafter, Hillary Clinton was caught in numerous felonious acts relative to her position as Secretary of State and candidate for President. Eventually, the facts emerged painting a picture of an FBI/DOJ/CIA coup. Nothing was ever done, she denied it and lost the election, (as though that was justice). President Trump had been investigated exhaustively by Robert Mueller with no finding of illegality. Even so, the Congress impeached the President, even though evidence refuted the accusation. Fortunately, he was exonerated in the Senate. Joe Biden stated in public that he leveraged one Billion of US funds for personal benefit. The Democrat party suspended their party candidate election and Joe Biden, though trailing pitifully, was appointed the Democrat candidate without an election. About this time it came to light that Joe Biden had recieved money from China, albeit kept by his son Hunter, for various business dealings. Just as with Hillary, the accusations were denied by Biden and that was the end of it. There were no investigations into the Biden family dealings or the Quid pro Quo statement admitted in public by Biden.

All these issues and more regarding democrats are denied and dropped promptly. The charged against Trump were denied, but he was investigated extensively. With respect to a handful of black persons killed by police, whether justifiable or not, over fifty police have been assassinated or murdered in retaliation with numerous riots, looting and arson. The rule of law is broken; is it irreparable? Upon this question hangs the future of America. The facts, law and argument presented by the conservative media is ignored. Well respected attorneys and others have recognized the truth inherent in the facts pointing to corruption in high offices, but the law seems to he inapplicable in the democrat controlled media and DOJ. Selective application of the law is worse than no law at all, and anarchists are already rioting in the streets. Lord have mercy on us.

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