Mystery Revealed

The Apostle Paul explained that he was given insight into a mystery by revelation through the Holy Spirit that had been unknown in prior generations. He saw this as the work of God’s grace for the benefit of those under his leadership and ministry. He summarizes the revelation as, “This mystery is that through the gospel the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians 3:2-6)

Paul was called by a supernatural encounter with Yeshua himself. I believe each Believer has some form of encounter with Yeshua though it may not be as spectacular as Paul’s with vision, conversation, charge and miraculous physical impartation. Nevertheless, it was not until Paul experienced frustration and failure in his ministry to his fellow Hebrews, that he understood his calling to reach the Nations with the good news of Yeshua. (Acts 18:6; 22:18, 21; Gal. 2:8) Before this, Peter had a supernatural vision or dream, followed by an encounter that directed him to share the Good news with Gentiles that had been sent by Yeshua to find him and inquire. (Acts 11: 5-18) The Spirit brought to light scriptures which declared the Messiah would be a light to the nations. (Isa 11:10; Ps. 22:27; Isa. 49:6; Luke 2: 31-32)

It was through obedience, God’s favor, and revelation that the Apostles understood that Israel’s Messiah would bring salvation to those who believe from all nations. However, mystery reveal to Paul was far greater in that it revealed how the gentiles are heirs together with Israel, one Body together in Yeshua, Messiah. The dividing wall between Jew and Gentile was removed, such that Believers acceptance of Yeshua join Israel, the promises and membership in God’s family.

God’s wedding feast will be filled, even if those invited refused to come. It doesn’t mean that the unprepared will be accepted, rather that God chose to fill the banquet halls of Heaven with those He called from the nations to be adopted in as joint heirs with Israel to be one people who will sing His wondrous, glorious, graious, praises throughout eternity.

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