Your Country

“Watergate doesn’t bother me,
does your conscience bother you?” – Lynyrd Skynyrd.

America was not founded as a secular state for the promotion of multiculturalism. America is not merely tolerant of Judeo-christian principles, but was founded thereon. Only in very recent decades have laws that prohibited detestable, perverted, wickedness been struck down as unconstitutional. In 1973, the Supreme Court decided in Roe v. Wade proclaiming abortion legal, contrary to a plain reading of the Constitution. This opposed and set aside every precedent that protected life of the unborn and the entirety of American judicial history. The U.S. Supreme Court banned prayer in public schools in a 1962 decision, saying that it violated the First Amendment, but the first Amendment protects religious practice, rather than prohibiting it.

I do not believe anything I hear on national TV networks or the major Internet platforms, because they have demonstrated and practiced lying, deceit, censorship of truth, facts and ideas that oppose their Secular Multicultural beliefs. I do not listen or watch their presentations. I try as much as possible to boycott, defund, and sanction their activities because they are anti-American. A liar should not be trusted, as he brings great harm to those who rely upon him. If these media sources say anything, I do not hear it, if I do, I do not belief it.

America’s end is in sight, unless a great revival and repentance comes from the grace of God to forestall it. No nation can stand in such division brought about through falsehood, deceit and rebellion. Even if we excuse every Judge, Politician, Bureaucrat, or anyone in authority, past or present, how can we address the State of this Country? The wickedness is great and cries out for justice to be done. God has rendered immediate judgment before, starting with the Angels who sinned and were sent to hell; the ancient world before the flood, and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah that were burned to ashes. (2 Peter 2:4-6) However, usually He leaves nations to their own demise, but in His mercy He sends warnings and calls for repentance before they reap destruction from their chosen ways. In scripture, Noah and Nathan were prophets whose messages were heard and followed with repentance. Jeremiah, Hosea, and Amos were prophets whose messages were ignored with destruction following. Look for a prophetic voice that is humble, not self promoting and is independent of political influence. Moreover, God could send a real calamity, (unlike a pandemic that is subject to manipulation by men), as a warning. In 2001 the attack upon the World Trade Center refocused everyone and many people turned toward God. Do not give any heed to the fake news media who traffic in fear and manipulation. God hears prayer, those standing at the gates of the abortion chambers praying for expectant mothers and their unborn infants are not ignored. Abraham prayed for Sodom and Gomorrah that if even ten righteous souls were found God would spare the city. He has been merciful to America, let’s pray that His will is done on earth as is it in heaven.

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