Yeshua, Jesus’ Hebrew Name

In the Spirit, I saw Yeshua walk in my back door, as He did, everything changed. The nature of God is to change us into the image of Yeshua. It takes a lifetime, perhaps, and it is something God alone can accomplish. Our part is to submit and surrender to His will and work. In His presence most of this life is insignificant, frivolity, and vanity, thus, I was struck with awe, worship and contrition. At the sight of Him the Spirit within compelled me to bow with unction, prostrate I was overcome and emptied.

This is my Lord and Savior whom I follow and adore. The entire universe belongs to and is held together by Him. I am part of His body on earth and but for His Spirit I would be helpless. Though He will transform me; He calls me friend and knows me by name. His seal of approval is immovable, placed there by Him years ago and though His presence is preeminent among human experience, it is not my first encounter, but still unique, singularly imperative and stunning.

Nothing else matters, all wants, desires and pursuits evaporate before His Supremacy. In infinite majesty He enters with a humility that can only be comprehended and understood as love, the love of the all powerful Creator for His little lamb and servant. The incomprehensible love that paid my debt and took my just death sentence upon Himself – Yeshua, Messiah, has entered my house and heart. There is nothing in Heaven or earth so powerful and effective as His love. The joy and satisfaction of being in His presence, at His feet surpasses all else. I don’t want to leave this place, but He stuns me, by telling me that He came in answer to my heart cry and prayer for more of Him. Immediately, I remembered earlier this morning my prayer, “Lord, I want more of you, more of you, that is all I need, just more of you.” It was my sincere desire, but I had no idea how He would fulfill it.

After some time, I stopped weeping as my heart poured out to Him in gratitude and awe. I smelled a freshness, a cleansing fragrance and sense of having showered, washed clean from the impurities of life’s business. Yes, to know Him is to be changed and from glory to glory. What a gracious and loving friend and King we have in Yeshua, Messiah. Nothing compares to His presence.

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