Love’s Footprints

I’m an artist. I was painting a scene of the ocean and studying a picture of the waves, white foam, and transparent colors of the water’s reflection of the sky in order to create an authentic depiction of reality. As I reconstructed what I saw in the waves a footprint appeared of another boat traveling ahead in the picture but leaving a subtle hidden track among the waves tossed about by the currents, tide and wind. Then I realized this is like the footprint of Love.

We think of love as an emotion that thrills and satisfies us when it splashes, sprinkles or soaks us to the bone, but it is substance and reality. Many of us discover that Love is a person. He leaves subtle footprints in our lives that can be seen amid the movement of time and the tossing swirling seasons of life. Our innate spiritual and emotional senses detect and acknowledge His presence, but the language is very difficult to translate into words because it is not physical nor subject to the taste, touch, smell, sound and sight of the laboratory of our intellect. When we study our feelings and associated emotions they tell us what we believe. Sometimes our true beliefs are hidden from us because of fear, pain or shame, but they are there none the less and often as firm as any scientific fact. Still, we can believe a lie. Love is the opposite.

We never fully and completely know love, not by our deficiency, but because Love is eternal, infinite in its quality. Even so, in a life long pursuit of this person, which we come to know as Love, He is our highest calling. In that pursuit a relationship grows because that is our nature as personalities. We gradually learn to understand Loves voice and intuitively interpret His messages and mentoring, though our rational mind plays a very small part as these are Spiritual interactions. It is love and its relationship that enables the supernatural around us, such that, His supernatural footprints are left upon the surface of the natural world in which we have our physical existence for a while. For example, when our unknown desperate need is met out of the blue by hidden hands. When circumstances collide, conform or comingle in ways that defy calculation, logic, or explanation. In the stark solitude of loneliness or the harsh cruelty of abuse, He appears and dissolves the hurt with love – these are the supernatural footprints of Love. May you come to know Him as He knows you.

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