Time Alone

Yeshua, (Jesus’ Hebrew name) spent a considerable amount of time alone. Sometimes He went alone to pray, other times we don’t know why He specifically withdrew, but scripture does indicate He was tired out by the crowds that followed Him. We know He was God in the flesh, but He was fully man as well. Therefore, it is reasonable that He would need time alone from the pressing needs of public life. However, He was also demonstrating an essential part of the Believers life, time alone with God.

While most of us do not have such public activities, we all need time alone. During the pandemic quarantines and restrictions regarding large gatherings, we might have had more time alone than usual. Some high level extroverts may have experienced some anxiety during these times of solitude, others may have just endured it, but I suspect more than a few believers have followed Yeshua’s example and prayed, meditated, read the Bible, and otherwise sought the presence of the Lord during these times.

One of the best books on this subject is “Practicing the Presence of God”, by Brother Lawrence, a monk in the seventeenth century. He describes his revelation of God’s presence in letters to his friend who inquired and ultimately compiled them into this small book. Brother Lawrence had no knowledge that his writings and descriptions of his personal experience with God’s Spirit would be shared with anyone other than this friend and stated that he would not speak so openly, if he thought it would not be private. Consequently, we are privy to a true personal look at one mans relationship with God in a common everyday life of a humble monk. The fact that he was a monk, eliminated the interactions with familial relationships as well as that of a career or advocation. He had a lot of alone time and structured times for prayer.

The point is that we can use time alone to enjion the Spirit of God’s presence, if we believe the scriptures. David’s Psalms are his personal communications and worship with the Holy Spirit, numerous prophecies confirm it. Do we have faith that what God would do for others He would for us? When Yeshua said I will never leave nor forsake us, did He mean it? (Heb. 13:5) Clearly Yeshua had an intimate relationship with the Father, is this available to us? (John 16:13,15; 17:26 ) If we know God hears our prayers, is it true that His sheep hear His voice? (John 10:27; Rom. 8:26) God responds to faith, if we reach out to Him according to His word, He will meet us. Begin you personal intimate conversation with God’s Holy Spirit today.

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