Your Song

Elton John wrote a song for everyone entitled, “Your Song”, with the lyric, “My gift is my song and this one’s for you.” There are various singing/talent shows that take a group of the best contestants and gradually hone, develop, groom, and arrange music to produce the best performance through each finalist. The same could be done for every person, not necessarily with music, but through art, in one of its forms. What I see are groups in each discipline and stream of art, music, singing, fine art, dance, sculpture, sport, drama, photography, writing, etc., that identify, mentor, and guide each person in the release of their art in its highest expression.

I believe each person has a gift of art that can be released in a measure and degree. In preschool every child draws with crayons, plays xylophone or flute, jumps and dances. Then, we leave them alone with their art, or occasionally with others, if there are any who will guide and mentor them. You and I were likely abandoned in the development of our art, because it was not important in a relative sense. What if an important flow of life was cut off and withered in us – we can only speculate as to its affect. Perhaps each of us shares some blame, as we didn’t like drawing or singing or dancing, particularly when our expression was compared and judged against the others. We felt ungifted and accepted the presumption that we had no artistic ability, why pursue it. Small children are trusting, sensitive, and humble, easily convinced of their ineptitude and shortcomings.

If the art in each person was developed and offered to God above and society at-large, the world would be drastically altered for the better. This is not about making money or winning a competition, its about releasing the gift of God and recieving healing of our inner witherness. The multitudes who have endured boredom, tedium, and hard labor of servitude need a restoration of their inner child’s hope of achievement and accepted expression. The occupation of work was necessary, but not the sacrifice of their true and highest expression of God’s artistic gift.

Prisoners often begin writing poetry, drawing or painting, because they have time and opportunity, but they also have the latent artistic talent. In artistic expression there can be healing and fulfillment, these are critical for prisoners, but highly beneficial for anyone. The greatest challenge is finding the right stream when it was choked at the source. Teacher’s offer knowledge and coaches encouragement, but there is a spiritual dynamic to art. Moreover, the evaluation of art is not made by comparison, textbooks, or commercial viability, but through the Spirit, the perception of beauty, value, and truth. God in His mercy, can heal and restore all that was lost. He can restore your artistic expression, if you ask Him. (Psalm 8:2; Luke 19:10; Acts 3:21; Luke 19:39-40; Luke 13:13; Psalm 16:7; Psalm 28:7; Psalm 33:2-3; Psalm 40:3; Exodus 31:3-5; 1 Chron. 25: 6-7)

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