Subway Marketing

I recieved Subway coupons in the mail, so I saved them for our upcoming trip. I was very disappointed when I tried to use them, as none of the stores were willing to accept them and had signs posted all over to that effect. One store took all but the “buy one footlong get one free”, but the other coupons save very little. In fact, my grandson ordered his sandwich and it was the same price with or without the coupon.

Coupons are a pain to remember, carry around and present at the store. We were told you can only use one coupon, to which I said, “But there are two of us.” She replied, “You will have to ring them up separately.” To which I said, “Fine”.  When it was all over, we saved maybe 50 cents. One has to make an effort to select Subway, rather than another food vender, and then drive, parking, and going in to their store. A little disappointment goes a long way and can generate serious bad will from customers.

I understand the fast food business and franchise operations, such that the independently owned stores have no requirement to accept Corporate coupons. However, Subways business model is that they are all independently owned. The skeptic in me wonders if this was the plan, such that the coupons would draw in customers, but maximize profits for the independent stores who refuse the coupons. If so, it is bad business and, for my part, I will throw away future Subway coupons and go elsewhere. I wonder how effective the coupon marketing program would be if they put a large clear notice, “All stores are independently owned and are unlikely to accept these coupons”, rather than “redeemable at participating restaurants” (good luck finding one that is).

I believe people are willing to pay for things they value and which satisfy or exceed their expectations. I had a very good experience recently where a business provided extra service, that didn’t cost much or any extra, but which I valued highly. As a consequence I gave them a huge bonus and will recommend them highly to my friends and family. Unfortunately, this seems rare in today’s environment where gouging and exorbitant prices with poor service are the norm. A business owner could focus on profits, if that was his purpose, but a greater purpose produces greater results, such that providing healthy food to help customers in an honest manner would generate greater loyalty and mor profit in the long run.

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