Perspectives on Mankind

A recent observation and Francis Schaeffer’s book, “The God Who Is There”, brought to light two perspectives on mankind. The observation that mankind will finally be separated into the lost and saved. I added finally, because the Bible has both a beginning and end, when time ends there will be judgment, until then we should recognize that all humans come from one man and are therefore each created in God’s image. (Acts 17:26)

Schaeffer recommends that in order to love our fellowman, no distinction between humans as lost and saved is appropriate in our space-time reality. Yeshua, (Jesus’ Hebrew name) teaches this when He says love your enemies. Moreover, judgment is not delegated to us and as long as people are alive they may yet, believe. The draw of recognizing two groups of humans arises from practical steps necessary to be separated from the world and its bad company, while living therein. If we were given more wholly in the Spirit to love as Yeshua did, loving even enemies, we might not have such difficulty discerning between these two necessities.

We should be able to relate to all people since we were also lost at one time. Nothing is worse than a judgmental condescending attitude toward a non-believer which appears like spiritual pride for salvation which we know is by grace alone. Still, it is not love to join the lost in their worldly activity and pursuits; we are the influencers, those who have entered into the life abundant to whom slavery holds no appeal.

Finally, recognizing the Sovereignty of God, we understand that wicked people do not escape His judgment. Considering fallen angels, the predeluvian world, Sodom, Gomorrah, and the rescue of Lot, Peter says, “if this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials and to hold the unrighteous for punishment on the day of judgment.” (2 Peter 2:4-9) Therefore, our actions must be guided by wisdom, love, and the Holy Spirit, rather than our analysis of the path upon which others are currently headed. Every human has the image of God, but Believers are further conformed to the image of Yeshua in this life. “For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.” (Romans 8:29) Lord, lead us in the way of love as we trust in your care and will.

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