Miracles Today

In the 1990’s, Times magazine wrote a few articles acknowledging miracles, yet it also discussed those, religious and secular people who vehemently deny them. The author said regarding the miracles performed by Jesus, “For the truly faithful, no miracle is necessary; for those who must doubt, no miracle is sufficient.” Among the doubters, there is an anti-supernatural bias. “To simply dismiss all the corroborating accounts of the miracles, moderates argue, requires a kind of greasy logic that determines the outcome before the inquiry even begins. If miracles are defined as things that can’t possibly happen, then of course the Bible’s miracles must not have.”

Perhaps the most disheartening group of unbelievers are liberal theologians who dismiss not only Jesus’ miracles, but also his resurrection. The problem with miracles for many inside the church is not that they happen, but why it didn’t happen in their desired situation. Nevertheless, miracles, things that cannot be explained in the natural, happen all around the world and regularly. Some doubters may dumb-down this definition asserting that technological developments are miracles until a new one comes along to replace it, but miracles are not physical things like inventions.

Pat Robertson’s, “The 700 club” regularly describes accounts of people who have experienced supernatural intervention. The Times magazine article spawned a dvd entitled, “Acts of God”, which details several documented miracles that happen to contemporary people. Not only are medical miracles established by evidence, but miracles relating to so called, “near death” events are regularly reported because of the circumstances and long periods during which these people had no signs of life, but lived.

I think the two camps of thought are firmly established. However, for those who believe in the loving God of the Bible, take courage for He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Heb. 13:8) He was a miracle working God in the days of the patriarchs, through His dealings with Israel, most clearly through Yeshua, and continuing today. It is wicked and evil to demand a miracle for our own purposes. (Matt. 12:39) The “acts of God” are not devastating tornadoes, hurricanes and uncontrollable tragedies, but loving acts of mercy, compassion and love solely due to His unmerited favor. We know very little about our own oceans, not to mention the rest of the galaxy, so why is it so hard to accept that miracles happen.

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