No News is Good News

Yesterday, I saw a snake on my path, it was clearly non-poisonous, but it wiggled it’s tail like a rattlesnake, which caught my eye. I paused and watched it, when something dropped from its mouth. It quickly turned away from me and left in the other direction. Crawling toward me was a lizard missing its tail. It saw me but kept moving and went right between my feet. In my head I heard the phrase, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

In America, we have a corrupt and extremely biased media, one which cannot and should not be trusted. The major media, including tech media, is probably less respectable than the USSR politburo was during the cold war. The Politburo was simply the propaganda arm of the Communists, but our media has it’s own agenda, although it seems to be serving the Democrats currently. Moreover, it is complicit in the democrat Coup that installed Joe Biden as its puppet President. With respect to this oligarchy of Media scoundrels the old adage is true, “No news is good news,” but what are the consequences? What might we anticipate in the future? How strong is an alliance that exists solely due to having President Trump as a mutual enemy?

A steady decline in fear, oppression, and anxiety will result for those who turn off the democrat socialist mouthpiece. Some truth reporting outlets may begin to emerge, but they will remain small, because the media oligarchy with aide from the Coup and its Courts will threaten and harass those who report the truth. The government/media will continue to meld into one multicultural voice, but its foreign backers may turn on them as soon as their usefulness in destroying America as a world power is satisfied. A new world order is coming, but the powers of darkness behind all this evil have less respect for the Coup leadership or its foreign partners, than I do for a snake or lizard. Whenever, they have served its purpose, they will be promptly discarded and forgotten.

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