Admission Against Interest

I remembered a matter about which I had been totally wrong. Then I did something right, I told those who knew about it or might have reason to understand, that I was wrong. There was some pain, followed by healing and freedom, then satisfaction and rejoicing in the truth. We should find joy in the truth whenever we encounter it; though it’s one thing to speak the truth and another to know it fully by experience. (3 John 1:4) Our pride hurts a little when we are humbled, but that is the good pain of growing, maturing, and regaining what was lost. Freedom is worth so much, but is easily taken for granted. Most older adults in America remember unfettered air travel, wide open public access to buildings, or when children could play freely in their neighborhoods without fear. There is also a Spiritual freedom that can be lost in bondage to lies, sin, and rebellion.

We all are wrong from time to time and those who pretend it isn’t so are only fooling themselves. (1 John 1:10) They were wrong, even though they didn’t know it. The gift of love through grace, unmerited, is good news of a special kind worth sharing. When we say, “I was wrong, but now I rejoice in the truth.” We are free from our captivity of pretense. An Admission against interest is a legal term, describing a statement made against ones own best interest and it is considered to have greater evidentiary value, because it would have not been made unless it was believed to be true. This is our position when we admit our error and it is a powerful expression of truth.

Our testimony as Believers is similar, in that we were lost, then found by Yeshua’s unmerited love and favor. When we admit that we were wrong, headed toward destruction and captive to sin, we are speaking the truth. We know we are no better than the rest of humanity, but we now have experienced salvation in the truth of Yeshua, Messiah. (Jesus’ Hebrew name). (2 Tim. 1:9-10) Is our quest in this life a journey toward truth, experienced through what seems like trial and error, but in reality is an answer to truth’s call? Once we find the truth all other conjecture, assumption and rationalization no longer satisfies. Moreover, the joy and freedom we now have is worth sharing, especially at the expense of our pride.

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