King of the Universe

The King of the Universe is Yeshua Messiah, (Jesus’ Hebrew name). He is God’s son, pleasing the Father in every respect. He is the image of the invisible God, a man. We have a complete record of what he did on earth and prophetic revelation of what He will accomplish when He returns to earth. The natural proceeds the Spiritual. (1 Cor. 15:46) We were born into the physical world, then born again through the indwelling Holy Spirit. Yeshua defeated the Enemy, set mankind free through reconciliation with the Father by his blood sacrifice and ascended to the right hand of God on high.

He is worthy of all praise, honor and glory, for all this and everything He has continued to fulfill through the Holy Spirit on earth among the multitudes and generations of Believers upon earth. His return will complete the work of preparing the congregation of Believers for a final judgment and wedding, joining God’s creation, recreated, with the Spiritual realm of heaven. We will receive new glorified spiritual bodies. Unity into God will become complete. (John 14:20)

If we had the mental capacity to fathom the portion of Yeshua’s completed work thus far, in space and time, it would consume us. (John 21:25) However, in our glorified state this will be possible and encompassing all that is yet to come. This maybe why heaven is described as continual praise and worship, and why the lost scoff at the thought of endless praise and worship. Yet, Believers, glimpse and taste a bit of heaven in space and time, when the Spirit leads the Congregation of Believers, together or in solitude. It is glorious peace, joy and a place we desire to remain, but our flesh is too weak. Nevertheless we are changed and move on by the Spirit.

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