Math of Life’s Origin

“If Evolution were true, I could scratch my entire back.”

  • – Steve2525

The theory of evolution sprang from Darwin’s observations of animals which appeared to have adapted differently in a sheltered environment. From these observations he drew conclusions and projected them to the origin of species. His theory that a continual process of adaptation with a presumption of survival of the fittest took place over an infinite period of time beginning with the lowest forms of life evolving into more complex organism that eventually resulted in the creation of all life on earth. Subsequent tests focused on the obvious gap between life and common elements in living things. The infamous “Primordial soup” was created in a laboratory when a mixture of substances were subjected to heat and electrical charges, (assumed to have been in the primordial environment of a lifeless earth), and later to have contained more complex amino acids, which were said to be building blocks of life. This experiment was considered proof of evolution, such that proponents of the theory declared it fact.

To a mere layman, this is equivalent to Frankenstein’s cold dead body warming up to 98.6° in the hot sunshine, rather than waking, marching about town, scaring, and killing innocents – amino acids are not life or living. For the evolutionary faithful that’s unnecessary, for if one building block of life could have been created, in an infinite period of time others might also have evolved. Along with the “scientific” anointing of Evolution as the origin of life, no further critique from doubting scientists or religious fanatics are accepted. The vote is over and Evolution has been elected true. However, the troubling issue of a “missing link” between apes and man in the evolution of humans was still raising concerns. Archeologists came to the rescue with several newly discovered pre-human species, such as Cro-Magnon man and Neanderthal man. These “scientists” like their brother paleontologists can invent an entire history from a single bone fragment or fossil. Even today new ancient pre-humans are being discovered frequently. Several of these were proved to be fraudulent fictions. Moreover, it could not be proved that “cave” men were not mere men, rather than missing links.

Irrespective of the lack of evidence, much less proof, the Evolutionists faithful cling to every whisper or shred of “scientific fact”. However, two major problems remain, the “Big Bang” discovery destroyed evolutions foundation upon infinite time, as it established an expanding universe that began approximately 13 billion years ago. Still, they argued that’s plenty of time to evolve. Until one considers the vast number of permutations that would be necessary in each stage, generation, adaptation, and evolutionary jump to be completed. For example, single cell creatures must evolve into multicellular creatures, then from water based life to land, from crawling, to walking, to flying, from asexual to sexual multiplication, from eggs to live birth, from silent to sound, from scales to skin, from dumb to brilliant and on and on. Additionally, most of these permutations must take place in order. In this situation mathematics are useful, but seldom referenced. One relevant mathematical measurement is N Factorial. “The factorial n! gives the number of ways in which n objects can be permuted.” For example, 4 factorial is 4! = 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24. If 4 objects must be arranged before the correct one is found it could take 24 occurrences. If the conditional objects reach 14 it would take 87,178,291,200 occurrences. If one month is between each generation that’s 7.2 billion years for each level of evolutionary advancement and the levels of advancement required are vast. Statistical approaches are also available regarding the likelihood of numerous adaptations occurring in a necessary sequence and these also demand an infinite time frame. The Big Bang blew the floor out from under the “scientific” scaffolding upon which Evolutionary theory was perched. It appears that faith is the last justification for evolution as the origin of life and it is a doctrine of the humanists religion, but why is it easier to say, “God is dead” than “Evolution is unsupported theory”.

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