A Uniform Solution

Judge Anthony Napolitano wrote an amazing post on domestic spying by the CIA, FBI, NSA (deep state) and how it is specifically prohibited by the constitution, irrespective of various presidential edicts and congressional head turning. His remedy is for people to get courage and follow the Constitution. This advice should be our national focus, after turning back to God and seeking wisdom and courage from Him. 

Most of our troubles track back to violations of the Constitution and the Rule of Law it establishes. A bloated, excessive and illegal federal government violating its mandated limits, even as the Supreme Court rules outside its jurisdiction on Abortion, same sex marriage, gender identity, and a host of issues not mentioned in the Constitution and therefore, under state jurisdiction by the People. Just recently, we learned that Joe Biden’s policies are to blame for gas prices that are headed toward record high prices. Such policies are patently illegal and outside the jurisdiction of the executive branch. The so called voters rights bill pushed by Democrats to federalize election procedures is another prime example of a Constitutional violation. Another example is the Department of Education which is an illegal grasp of power by the Federal government, even if it was used to promote conservative policies such as school choice. Of course, the recent inaction of Biden and Obama administrations to enforce federal border security is an example of legitimate federal jurisdiction being ignored and abandoned by two presidents who violated their oaths of office. No president can not choose to uphold only the laws they prefer. Such lawlessness may be treasonous, particularly with respect to abandonment of our national security. 

Shrinking the overreach of congress, the executive branch (deep state), and nullifying Supreme Court rulings that are clearly outside its jurisdiction would reestablish state authority over divisive issues that are tearing the nation apart. If certain states choose to curtail law enforcement they will reap the whirlwind of unrestrained crime and it will be up to the people to seek redress in elections or recall. 

Some issues might require a gradual process of repeal to allow people to make accommodations, but these can be determined by the people and state legislatures. Entire departments of the federal government should cease to exist along with their illegal intrusive activity. Another example would be the ATF which has violated a direct constitutional mandate that no federal database of gun ownership can be maintained, although the ATF just announced they have done so. 

Freedom and liberty may cost us more risk in our complex society and dangerous world, but the price is well worth it. Restoring the rule of law to the People and States, as our republic was designed, will cut into the root of evil resident in big tech and the biased fake news Media as federal protections, preferences, and regulations have stifled competition, a free and open market and Press. Constitutional protection of freedom of religion, free speech, parental rights, and other rights of the People will level the field monopolies have created with identity politics, political correctness, gender confusion, socialism, and a multitude of lies and falsehoods. 

As the founding fathers recognized, our Republic is premised upon a Christian world view and totally unfit for any other. The Constitution protects freedom of religious faith and practice from individuals and/or government. It did not establish similar protection of secular, agnostic or atheist practice or thought, because these are antithetical to freedom, liberty and a representative Republic formed under God. History has validated that Communist, dictatorships, and other Governments of Tranny were perpetrated upon godless foundations. Nevertheless, Judeo-Christian and Theists beliefs established and recognize tolerance of individual thought, contrary to godless thought that is intolerant, offensive and seeks to stop faith by imprisonment or death. Consequently, when the constitution protects religion it is not protecting anti-religion, though all thought is tolerated. Moreover, when free speech is protected, it is not protecting free action or insanity. Consequently, ideas such as political correctness or gender identity may be discussed, but enforcement of their insanity in society is not protected. Critical race theory may be recorded in a book, but employees and students can not be compelled to learn a racist discriminatory concept. A person may say their gender in not as biology establishes, but their thought can not function to establish a new gender or give it priority within society. This is not a new idea, but one that has served us well until the enemy has recently persuaded many to reject it.

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