Virtue Lost

We are keeping bees and like farming/gardening which we have always done, it gives us an opportunity to care for elements of nature in producing a valuable commodity. Through these and similar activities the skill of nurturing is demanded and acquired and with a measure of virtue. There is a great decline of virtue in America caused by the forces of change upon our society, (not all change is good, as we are seeing, so obviously). At the family level America was largely an agricultural society until about seventy years ago when industrialization, the assembly line process, WWII, and mechanical technology moved significant numbers of families from farms, ranches, small businesses and a way of life that centered on nurturing a crop, herd, ranch, or their supporting functions. Activities such as these involved and produced within people a virtue inherent in shepherding, animal husbandry, raising crops, watching over and caring for the produce of nature. Other professions also foster such virtue, as physicians and those in medical fields care directly and indirectly for people. Nurturing with its dependence upon nature and providence, is foundational in God’s design. All through scripture God uses the language of nurturing such as “planted” and “shepherd” to communicate with His people.  

Still today, there remains a respect for doctors who care for us, a recognition of the virtue of caregivers. Farmers, shepherds and ranchers imbibe the same virtue that nurturing creates. Those who raise fish or tend fruit trees, or harvest wild produce, still develop a respect for creation and our collective dependence upon providence, God’s care for Mankind. One great illustration of this is Kent Williams, Master Beekeeper, who shares and encourages as many beekeepers as possible. His expertise is renowned, but he shares it with local bee clubs, in his annual free beekeepers camp and wherever. Contrast this Prince of men with CEO’s of major corporations who share nothing, hoard wealth and support woke evil in service to unjust political correctness. 

The lost of virtue within a society is devastating and can not be measured. It is like the loss of over sixty million aborted babies, which is an incalculable loss. Dr. M.L. King understood and spoke of character and it’s importance to individuals and collectively in Society. Character is virtuous, like nurturing and the love that sixty million humans would have generated within our nation, but for abortion. God is merciful and will restore us, if we repent turning away from vice and iniquity and humble ourselves before Him. (2 Chron. 7:14) Join our prayer for revival.

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