A Nobody for Yeshua

I was recalling a teacher/preacher who had a TV show about the end times and his observations on how current events were linked to the end time prophetic scriptures. I haven’t seen his show in a long time; it may have been cancelled or he got old and died. It reminds me that time takes us all reducing each one to dust and memories. The rich and powerful, the weak and despised will all alike by judged by Yeshua. He is not a respecter of persons, not influenced by power, fame, position, or great achievements in this world. Also, he is not unwilling to accept and associate with the weak, lowly and outcasts of this world, in fact He welcomed them as His followers. Yeshua’s closest friends were common fishermen and people of humble background. Lazarus and his two sisters were close friends whom Yeshua loved, but nothing is stated about them other than Mary who washed His feet with her hair. This seems to be a friendship based on mutual love alone.

Do you have any friendships that are like this? Do you respond to fame, beauty, popularity or rather, love, kindness, humility and unselfishness. I have been told by some influential people that they only have time for those who can further promote their ministry. This is the antithesis of Yeshua’s ministry as he was chided and criticized by the self-righteous religious leaders for associating with the poor, sinners and tax collectors.

What really matters is whether we love Yeshua, or more precisely whether we respond to His love for us. It may call for some introspection on our part as to whether we have become like the world and adopted its ways, rather than simply humbly following Yeshua where He leads us. I suspect that the “nobody” who loved the lord better than life and was faithful in the position where the Lord placed them will recieve more in the kingdom of heaven than the famous influential ones who pursued and attained great notoriety and praises of men.

We should not compare ourselves to others as each one will stand before Messiah and be rightly judged. This means that we should not seek fame, popularity, power and influence or consider such characteristics worthwhile. Moreover, we must not shirk or despise a lowly position in this world, even though it may be the result of ones past failure. Everyone has failed, some very publically, others in private, but it will all be revealed on the day of judgement.

Our focus must be upon the Lord, He alone is worthy of praise. He is our measure of a life worthy of God in every respect. To the extent we are willing and able to commit ourselves to His love, ways, and means will be the measure of our heavenly reward. A hymn comes to mind,

I have decided to follow Jesus;
I have decided to follow Jesus;
I have decided to follow Jesus;
No turning back, no turning back.

Tho’ none go with me, I still will follow,
Tho’ none go with me I still will follow,
Tho’ none go with me, I still will follow;
No turning back, no turning back.

My cross I’ll carry, till I see Jesus;
My cross I’ll carry till I see Jesus,
My cross I’ll carry till I see Jesus;
No turning back, no turning back.

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