Your Journey

You started with nothing, but pride, neediness, and a yearning for love, though you didn’t even know what or who it was. Nevertheless, you heard of Him and had enough sense to know there is a Creator God; even a child can see this world is greater than happenstance. It takes college training, degrees, studying the myths and fictions of renowned scholars to deny the obvious, that everything came from nothing at the command of the Creator. Within your inner being you understood there is Good and Evil. When all hope in the world’s promise of wealth, happiness and love proved to be need, unhappiness and rejection, you were ready to give up your struggle. In that moment, He found you and revealed His first word to you, “live”. Though you died to self, you began to live as a new creation. It was in surrender and acceptance of God’s ways and means, upon His terms, that your future now depends. The enemy of mankind has been defeated and today is the day of salvation. The old has passed away, all things are new.

This is the ultimate contrast, light and dark, life and death, sweet and bitter, smooth and course, hot and cold. This contrast does not include good and evil, nor God and satan, because only God is good, He has no rival; there is no yin and yang in equally opposed balance. The one thing life had taught you was your unworthiness, you knew well your bad deeds and no amount of good deeds could wipe away the bad. But a way was opened by Yeshua, Messiah (Jesus’ Hebrew name), His life for ours, our sins for His righteousness, our debt and death sentence for Freedom purchased by His blood. This is the best deal of all time; it seems too good to be true. Only believing and trusting Yeshua is required. It is understood in the heart, rather than the mind. It is granted and fulfilled by love, the thing for which we have longed and searched. It is a love relationship that has brought us to God and made us the objects of His affection.

Love is eternal, not subject to time limits. God has poured His love into our hearts, by the Holy Spirit. (Rom. 5:5) There is no hate or rejection or injustice that can prevail over God’s overflowing river of love. (Rom. 8:38-39) When the enemy has tricked, defeated, and bound you in chains, you still have a deliverer – Yeshua. His is the greatest name in Heaven and earth, the only name with saving power. His destiny is still before you, Believer, He has not brought you this far to abandon you. Take heart and restore hope in God for He is greater than your heart. (1 John 3:20) “As they make music they will sing, “All my fountains are in you.” (Psalm 87:7) Your journey is filled with praise, worship and Thanksgiving.

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