Saul as King

The People of Israel wanted a king like the heathen nations. It was a bad idea, but God gave them Saul the tall good looking guy. However Saul was a burden to the people and disobedient to God which brought bad things to the nation. God knew this and told the people when they asked, leaving Saul as king for forty years. People who look at worldly society and promote it’s false notions of prosperity should be ignored. We see it in the church, where worship becomes a show, performance, and entertainment production with lights, smoke, camera and action. The lack of spiritual fervor and power from true Spirit led worship leaves burdens unaddressed and attacks from the enemy poorly resisted. Like a king, worldly influences take precedence and control as the people are further distanced from God; the Spirit’s leading and the congregations individual and collective callings and purpose are thwarted and inhibited. When the people turn away from God He sometimes gives them what they asked for until they return to Him for relief. This is not a criticism of appropriate leadership which is necessary and vested in Elders, but reliance on worldly thinking, irrespective of its origin. 

Another worldly idea rife in the worldly church is formation of corporate church organizations and structures. This produced major denominations that often were in opposition to one another and in competition for growth. During the “Jesus Movement revival” of the 1970’s, much denominational focus was rejected and people returned to Yeshua, (Jesus’ Hebrew name). Today the big denominations select a nondescript church name to compete among nondenominational churches. The worldly Church is big business and fund raising is its engine, driving eloquent politically correct speakers and a stage full of entertainers. Multitudes of Believers are warehoused as audiences in massive venues with high tech audio and video presentations, but without spiritual life and empowerment. 

Still, the Lord, Yeshua knows those who are His and has not deserted them. Though King Saul failed to follow God, God did not abandon His people and gave them David as king. No man can replace God and David was a symbol of the prophesied Messiah, Yeshua who came to replace human leadership of the Congregation of Believer’s with Himself and the indwelling Holy Spirit. Around 1900, a renewal of faith in scripture and the Holy Spirit’s nature, role and presence began and has spread around the globe, even reviving “dead” churches in spiritual awakening. This is a work of God which no man can own or thwart. The greatest churches in the world are possibly in Korea, China, or Africa? God will not abandon His people, He requires faith and courage which He offers to those who seek Him. Gideon is an example for us, he was a nobody, but God called him, he answered in obedience and God delivered His people from the enemy and complacent worldly leaders.

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