Public Common Sense

Many things are brought to the public’s attention, some are fake, but the public at large is not always taken in by deciept and see the truth. These are some examples in random order:

  • We have been saturated with advertising for over sixty years. Though we occassionally and subconsciously are influenced, we know it is biased and exaggerated. Truth in advertising required law and court enforcement.
  • The major media sources have a liberal bias through out their communications, Media Matters and others have documented it over a period of forty years, yet over seventy percent of Americans are aware of the liberal bias.
  • O. J. Simpson killed his wife and her friend, though he was aquitted. Those who believe the verdict are in the single digits and the vast majority believe Simpson is quilty.
  • Barack Obama did not like America or its history, though he was elected President. Many Americans voted for him to aswage their guilt of past racism, thinking as President he could heal racial division, but he stoked division instead. He went around the world apologizing for America and bowed down to the Saudi King. Many believe history will show that he was the worst President ever.
  • Americans are portrayed as holding and agreeing with socialist liberal views on abortion, evolution, homosexuality, gender confusion, Christianity, and gun rights. However, a majority hold views contrary to those promoted in the secular humanist media.
  • The Government (State or Federal) does not have authority to order everyone to stay in their home, or close businesses arbitrarily, except by a declaration of marshal law. Even though it has happened as part of the covid-19 Pandemic, the majority of people know it was illegal government overreach, but went along with it nevertheless.
  • Recently, the courts have supported evolution theory and characterized any dissent to it as promoting religion and consequently, prohibited in public school. Less than 20% of Americans believe evolution is the origin of life. Arguing against a flawed, unproven and often fraudulent theory that is contrary to emerging evidence is not promoting religion, and the vast majority of Americans know it.
  • Americans never wanted Obamacare from the start and even though it was a massive failure, promoted by lies, the majority never wanted it or thought it was constitutional and knew it would be bad – it was a disaster.

These are just a few items that demonstrate the collective common sense and discernment the American people still possess. A good verification of these items can be made with internet searches. However, you will find many biased arguments in article after article promoting the socialist humanist view, due to media bias. Occasionally, you will find one that is simply reporting the facts. The internet is the home of biased information and Newspeak (see Orwells, 1984). There is no quick fix to expell those who control the fascist lying media or hold them to account, but it is great to see that in large measure they are utter failures. The American people are not willing to reject liberty nor the foundations upon which this nation was established.

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