A Chosen Vocation

When I started in sales I had to learn some things that were new and difficult to acquire. First, I had to learn the power of thinking and believing. These are different concepts, but related, our thinking and believing need to be in sync. We must adjust our thinking to our belief. We often think wrong thoughts, even bad destructive thoughts. Scripture gives us guidance, “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (2 Corinthians 10:5) Most followers of Yeshua, believe they have a purpose and are guided by the Holy Spirit as God’s purposes are accomplished. Yet, we will think such thoughts as, “God has abandoned me; I’m worthless; I’m unloved; something bad is going to overcome me; I must fend for myself, etc. The mind is the battlefield where spiritual warfare transpires, so we must reject bad thoughts and hold to our faith in God’s word. In our work, we must believe God is an ever-present help in time of need and work as though working for Him. When Abraham believed God, he began to think what God said, He would carry out. Even though it was yet to be realized, Abraham considered it a done deal.

Another thing I had to learn was the relationship between doing, thinking, and results. Work is a necessary function of living, but our work must be aligned with our thinking, just as our thinking is aligned with our belief. Work can be boring, tedious, frustrating, difficult, laborious, that’s why we get paid for it. However, Solomon recognized, “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” (Proverbs 14:23) Here is a great gift and secret –Successful people are those who do the things other people don’t like to do. When things get hard, boring, tedious, confrontational or difficult most people will quit, but if you stick with it and follow through during these times, you will be noticed, recognized, and given more opportunity or authority because of your persistence, diligence, responsibility, and hard work. In sales, continuing to make calls, contacts, and doing the work will produce sales, your objective, because your action will match your thinking and belief.

Many Believers look to God for insight regarding important decisions and a vocation is a prime example. God will answer your prayers as He knows what you need before you ask him. (Matthew 6:8) Are your prayers matched with faith? Are you listening and obedient to today’s leading, which may very well lead to the path of your best vocation? Are you willing to give up your dream in exchange for God’s best? Our ancestors worked in fields, forests, factories, and elsewhere to provide for us, are you willing to work for others? What is your sincere motivation in a vocation? Is your motivation sufficient to carry you through to your ultimate purpose? What is your purpose; is it unselfish and greater than what you are capable of today? These are the sort of questions that lead beyond vocation and temporal sufficiency, to destiny in Yeshua. Lord, give us hearts to seek your will; ears to hear, and courage to obey your voice and word.

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