Faith Works

I have an acquaintance, I will call my friend, who shared about praying for a very sick brother, as he and others prayed, the brother died. My friend recalled the scripture where the prophet laid on top of a dead person and God brought him back to life. (1 Kings 17:19-23) My friend had faith to do this and did, but God was not in it. I had a similar, but much less important situation with my apple tree which deer ate the bark off all around the trunk below ground level. I put some roofing cement where the bark was missing, but I thought it would take a miracle to work. I recalled Jesus’ rebuke to the olive tree that had no fruit and  shriveled at His word. (Matt. 21:21; Mark 12:13-14, 20-23) Yeshua did this to demonstrate the power of faith to the disciples. I believed God could heal an apple tree as easy as kill one with words. I spoke healing to the tree and prayed for God’s help. The tree continued to whither and died.

These two episodes involve Believers who act according to scripture, but God doesn’t appear to respond. Some degree of faith existed to act on scripture, but God is God, who alone raises the dead and controls the elements. We still believe, but now less so with respect to our determinations, decisions and initiatives. God leads in Faith more often when we do not understand, see, or want to take initiative, the reason of man usually is opposed to the Spirit. There are times I’ve seen God working, in my reluctant obedience. God does not share His Glory. (Isa. 42:8) Yeshua said we would do what He did. (John 14:12) Clearly that comes with doing it the way He did it, which was predicated on what His Father did. (John 5:19) We recognize we are limited in space and time, the impossible is only possible with God. (Matt. 19:26) Therefore, our part is being where He wants us, when He wants us, willing to do what He leads us to do. This requires prayer, listening, watching, hearing, believing and obedience. It is important to be in line with scripture and willing to do what it says, but if that is all, we are leaving off God’s part – miraculous power. 

Faith is not a work we do, but a connection with God in what He is doing and that for His glory, His way.

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